About us:

Here at Seat Time® we love everything off road and motorized! Dirt bikes are our primary passion, and the seed that sprouted into our tree we call Seattimesavings.com! Starting as an hour meter company for everything offroad and extreme, we have now grown to offer more and more really awesome products we hope you'll enjoy. Because we are obsessed! With everything offroad, and love helping those who share our passion.

Ride on and ride hard. 

Please follow us as we build, and continue to offer more awesome products for less!

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10% of all revenue goes to nonprofit organizations  

We Are Here To Help

We strive to brighten people's days with awesome new products and great prices! Not darken them. So if a product is low quality or comes damaged or faulty. We'll replace it or give your a full refund! Please refer to the refund policy below, and contact us with in 30 days. 


Email: drhindustries@gmail.com

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