Have you ever wondered why there isn't a freeride lifestyle brand? Even though freeriding is a huge part of very popular sports like, dirt biking, mountain biking, ATVing, snowmobiling, snowboarding and more! Well, in 1993 a businessman who recognized the up and coming lifestyle decided, even though he wanted nothing to do with it, he was going to Trademark the word freeride in every form of clothing he could, betting that one day someone would pay him big money for the rights to use the name. Well, here we are 26 years later, and still no freeride lifestyle brand! Until now. Of course we couldn't afford to pay the price either, (plus who wants to pay that guy??) but when there's a will, there's a way! Here at Seat Time, we love nothing more than holding her wide down never ending trails, shredding mountain tops, and building the biggest jumps our balls can handle. And it's that love and passion for the freeride that drove us to overcome this miss fortune freeriders got handed, and build the DRH name. Because freeriding is a feeling and even therapy, you can't find anywhere else. And that's something worth fighting for. So if you call mother nature your playground, then pick up some DRH apparel, support your sport, and Definitely Ride Hillz!

10% of all revenue goes to nonprofit organizations  

We Are Here To Help

We strive to brighten people's days with awesome new products and great prices! Not darken them. So if a product is low quality or comes damaged or faulty. We'll replace it or give your a full refund! Please refer to the refund policy below, and contact us with in 30 days. 


Email: drhindustries@gmail.com

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